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Entrepreneurs and small business leaders are essential to our national economy making up 50% of the GDP across the United States. This area of business is just as essential to our local economy and your Chamber is committed to providing resources to help support small business. Enter, Leaner, Meaner & Greener, a small business success series.

This program will focus on 6 key areas of small business development:

1 – Changes to Labor Laws for Small Businesses

2 – How to Position Your Business to Attract Capital

3 – How to Court Investors for your Business

4 – How Businesses of All Sizes Can Use Big Business Analytic Tools to Increase Sales

5 – The Must-Haves in Marketing & Communication

6 – Planning & Executing a 5-Year Business Strategy

This series will be hosted in-person and virtually providing access for anyone who is interested in long-term growth for their business. In-person seats are limited! Register today for the series or individual sessions!

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Changes To Labor Laws

Have you read the latest stimulus bill?  If you answered "no," then you will definitely want to have a conversation with Tracy Moon.  Tracy has been studying the law and has produced a presentation that will help you understand the new liabilities the law creates and can help you find the gaps that may be created in your organization.


How To Position Your Business To Attract Capital

First impressions mean EVERYTHING, and that includes when you meet with bankers and/or potential investors. If the first meeting doesn't go well, there is no need for a second. Therefore, the first meeting better be spot on! Come and sit with Kyle as he shares with you what bankers and investors really look for when evaluating a company. You don't want to wait until after-the-fact to learn these things.

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Courting Investors For Your Business

Knowledge is power. Learn exactly what are investors REALLY looking for before you talk to a banker or investor.  You will be surprised! Join Kyle as he lays out from his experience as an investment banker what he and his colleagues look for when evaluating a business.


How Businesses Of All Sizes Can Access Big Business Analytic Tools To Increase Sales

Data analytic technology, once thought to be limited to enterprise sized organizations, can level the competitive landscape for any sized business. Join Ad Victoriam Solutions as they share how your business can be equipped and empowered with Salesforce Solutions.

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The Must Haves In Marketing Communications

A marketing plan includes tactics for communicating a company's strategy, including public relations, advertising, social media and promotions. In short, marketing can be considered business planning and strategy, while communications is the execution side of selling. Join us for a deep dive into these two topics and learn how to make sure that you are executing in a manner that your target customer is hearing the correct message.


Planning & Executing A 5-Year Strategy

Business strategy is a set of guiding principles that, when communicated and adopted in the organization, generates a desired pattern of decision making. A strategy is therefore about how people throughout the organization should make decisions and allocate resources in order accomplish key objectives. A good strategy provides a clear roadmap, consisting of a set of guiding principles or rules, that defines the actions people in the business should take (and not take) and the things they should prioritize (and not prioritize) to achieve desired goals. This course will help you create a strategy for your organization.

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Contact Jenna Smith at

770-887-6461 ext 119

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